Water Treatment Product Group

GREEN Chemicals® has the infrastructure to produce unique solutions for our customers in line with the excellent results achieved through R&D; studies. In the phase of producing these solutions; From the detailed examination of our customers' processes to water analysis, from mass and heat transfer balance to high system performances, all necessary researches are carried out in the most precise way. GREEN Chemicals®; recommends special treatment programs suitable for the conditions of each and every customer.

Purpose of Water Treatment;

  • is to increase process performances and equipment lifetimes,
  • is to increase the reuse of the water and therefore decrease the energy and chemical consumption
  • is to minimize the environmental impacts by using environmentally friendly products

Thanks to unique techniques applied by GREEN Chemicals®, special equipment and increased operating performancew ith computer software, it is aimed;

  • To minimize the operation costs of our customers,
  • To ensure the manufactured products are in best quality,
  • to contribute to the world economy by increasing the lifetime of the systems.