Waste Water Treatment Product Group

GREEN Chemicals®, with its experienced technical staff and consultants, analyzes the waste water treatment areas and characteristics of waste water to select the most suitable product for the plant operation. In addition, with the supply of our chemical products, it helps the process to work more efficiently with the solutions that will also reduce the cost in the system and make it easier to operate. Our department has the necessary infrastructure to carry out R & D studies for a specific waste water characteristics and to provide optimum solution, in terms of cost reduction and productivity with the products produced in our own factory.

  • Waste Water Treatment Chemicals
    • Coagulants
    • Decolorants
    • Anionic / Cationic Polyelectrolytes
    • Anionic / Cationic Emultion Polyelectrolytes
    • Filter Performance Increasers
    • Emulsion Breakers
    • Odour Removals & Defoamers