Industrial Water Treatment Automation Systems

Does your cooling water and water-steam cycle systems need a tighter control? Do you want to increase the efficiency of your processes? Or decrease your chemical costs?

Now you can ensure sustainable working environments with energy savings whilst decreasing water, chemical consumption and maintenance costs. Experience the full control over your systems against possible risks with TreatON®! GREEN Chemicals® presents the sustainable and innovative TreatON® automation system.

What is TreatON®?

It is an automation system, combination of the“Know-How” of GREEN Chemicals® in water treatment and the new generation information technologies. With TreatON®, it is now possible to monitor and intervene the water treatment systems over personal computers, tablets, laptops and even smart phones, 7/24.

TreatON® does not only allow the processes to be monitored, but also makes it possible for the authorized users to intervene and adjust when necessary with its remote accessibility. If requested, TreatON® also has the ability to send warnings to the pre-defined users when any of the monitored parameters fluctuate out of limits via e-mail or SMS.

TreatON® is able to send feedbacks to the dosage pumps in order to adjust the dosage and keep the parameters within the desired limits.


Apart from the conventional variables, TreatON® can monitor the dosage amounts of the inhibitors in the systems, with its trace element technology.

TreatON® Automation Systems Bring You;

  • The comfort of monitoring your systems continuously with the help of the technical service provided by GREEN Chemicals®.
  • Prevention of the potential problems in the systems with proactive approach.
  • The opportunity to intervene when necessary with more effective and closer monitoring.
  • The chance to save energy, to decrease maintenance and water costs and to optimize the chemical consumption.
  • The capability of storing all the measured variable data safely from day one and reporting to the authorized personnel whenever it is needed.