Tailor Made Products Group

With its ORGANIC-Treat® products, GREEN Chemicals® is taking the duty of synthesis raw material and semi products (textile chemicals raw materials, asphaltene chemicals, crop care emulsifiers, plastics etc.) for chemical companies, which is a missing subject in Turkey chemical sector. In this manner, GREEN Chemicals® will be also a strong player in world market.

With ORGANIC-Treat® production, GREEN Chemicals® succeeded in locally producing chemicals instead of importing. This way, GREEN Chemicals® contributes to our country as providing local production.

ORGANIC-Treat® products are used for various sectors for different uses. Emulsifier, corrosion inhibitors, polyethylene emulsions, H2S scavengers, retarder, biocide, ecological carrier, plastifyants, agents etc.

With ORGANIC-Treat® products, different organic synthesis reactions are realized with esters, imid, amid, quaternised reactions, triazyn and polymer etc. and highly added valued, special designed products are produced.

ORGANIC-Treat® products are also used as a raw material or semi-finished product in industries like textile, asphalt and pesticides