Oil & Gas Technologies Product Group

GREEN Chemicals® Oil & Gas Technologies department is formed by process and R&D; engineers who have more than 30 years of field experience. GREEN Chemicals® offers its product portfolio and its constantly changing & improving technology to its valuable business partners consisting of crude oil producers, refineries and petrochemical plants. GREEN Chemicals® meets the expectations of its customers by continuous improvement studies of processes.

GREEN Chemicals® Oil & Gas Technologies Department provides solution to offshore – onshore crude oil drilling problems and process optimization where necessary, with its chemical products and innovative technologies. With our products, we aim to drill crude oil (oil field) and treat it so that impurities (organic metals, water, salt etc.) inside the crude oil (refinery) can be removed.

The purified crude oil is sent to atmospheric distillation column for separation (CH4, C3H8,C4H10, jet oil, gasoline, fuel oil etc.) to different products via boiling point differences. To easily obtain a higher level of purification in products and in the processing of crude oil as well as light products, our system protective chemicals can be used in following processes. In this manner, production performance of refineries and petrochemical sector is augmented.

Oil & Gas treatment is the chemical, physical and biological processes applied to crude oil, gas, refining and petrochemical products in order to;

  • Prevent any problems,
  • Increase production efficiency and Fulfill customer expectations,
  • Bring together a range of chemical specialties, process consulting, technology, equipment/monitoring systems to deliver an integrated solution to the customer. It is both technical service and chemical supply.

Our goal is;

  • To provide process efficacy as well as long working hours of process,
  • To save energy and to decrease maintenance costs,
  • To provide chemicals and services to Oil & Gas exploration, production, transportation, storing, refining and after applications by using our treatment applications.