Metal Surface Treatment Product Group

Generally, metal surface treatment is applied in order to develop the appearance of metal surfaces, increase adhesion strength and resist corrosion. The aim is to process the surface, to shape and to amend the functions.As GREEN Chemicals®, we render service in Metal Surface Treatment, with our young, ambitious, dynamic team targeting sustainability in success as well as our experience of more than 30 years.

GREEN Chemicals® helps customers increase the efficiency of their processes and the quality of the end products with its metal surface treatment chemicals

  • Lubricants
    • Metal deformation / forming products which are used for deep drawing, stamping, bending, cutting etc. applications,
    • Metal working / cutting fluids which are used in general machining (drilling, turning etc.) and grinding applications,
    • Rust preventive oils are used for corrosion protection on the metal surface
  • Metal Surface Treatment Chemicals
    • Degreasing Agents / Cleaners: Products to remove any kind of dirt, oil, residues and metal particles from metal surface
    • Etching / Pickling Agent & Inhibitors: Pickling is the removal of oxide scales which are formed during metal working operations by mineral acids. These scales must be removed without undue acid attack on the base metal surface.
    •  Inhibitor is used to protect the cleaned metal surface, to reduce acid wastage, metal loss and prevent pitting of the metal.
  • Phosphating Products
    • Products generate a uniform phosphate layer which provides an excellent adhesion for organic coatings, improves the corrosion resistance and provides sliding friction.
  • Nano Technology Products
    • Surface treatment products that provide a very good adhesion and corrosion resistance for organic coatings by forming a thin film layer in nano-size on metal surfaces thanks to the special components it contains.
  • Phosphating Products
    • Products which are used after phosphating application.
    • Products which are used for temporary passivation of steel and cast iron for subsequent storage in closed warehouses.
  • Paint Stripper Products
    • Paint Stripper: Products which are used for paint removing from all type metal surfaces. (e.g powder based, polyester type etc.)

    • Paint Coagulation Agents: Products which are suitable to use for all type of paint plant systems for solvent-based and water-borne paints.