GREEN Chemicals® Inc. took place in 411 R&D; Center of Turkey

GREEN Chemicals® Inc.successfully implemented all stages of this program and awarded its approved document by the authorities.

Our goal and expectation as the GREEN Chemicals® family; is the return of R&D; studies to our country as products containing advanced technology that will create added value in our economy and increase our competitive power in the international market.

Our Goal

  • Is to monitor technology closely, apply new technologies to our products and production processes.
  • To reduce the input costs of national and international industrial organizations by prioritizing / increasing the quality
  • Increase the lifetimes of the processes
  • Getting maximum efficiency from processes and minimizing operating costs
  • To serve the industry and customers with the technological and environmentally friendly products we produce.

New research and developments are followed closely by our expert teams. Our world-class products designed in line with these innovations and produced with special application techniques of our company and are offered to the industry with reliable and economical service by our entrepreneur engineers who prioritize customer satisfaction and contribution to the processes.