At the heart of the GREEN Chemicals® mission, customer satisfaction is handled using up-to-date technologies. Our understanding of quality, with our customers that we accept as our business partners; Long Term, Robust, Healthy, High Performance Based Work, to be in business relationships based on Win-Win principles and to make our customers the most competitive in their fields.

GREEN Chemicals®,proves its quality by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS 16949, Kosher, Halal certificate, Qualicoat, European Drinking Water Compliance Certificates and Ministry of Health Product Licenses.

One of the indispensable and most important strategic goals of our company is the work safety, both inside and outside the company.

Our company; conducts completely environmentally friendly activities with its management and employees. Not content with complying with both local and international environmental rules, it also carries out studies aimed at improving and updating the rules followed, with the responsibility given by the environmental and social community awareness.