Who we are?

GREEN Chemicals® Co. exports more than 30 countries and continues its commercial activities in Turkey, Turkish Speaking Countries, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Balkan Countries. GREEN Chemicals® as a technical solution partner, also supplies products to half of the top 100 industrial companies in Turkey.

As of 2020, GREEN Chemicals® is among Turkey’s 1000 biggest industrial enterprises.

GREEN Chemicals® manufactures its products in accordance with the world standards with an innovative and environmentally friendly approach, with the technical support of its expert engineer staff and doctorate level R&D; team and carries out its commercial and technical service all around the world including aforementioned countries.

We create added value with our leadership in our field by always thinking proactively and result-oriented, blending positive science and the opportunities that today's world offers us with our courage, dedication and determination.


We say human first.

While planning our business processes, at all stages, the relationship we establish with people, trust and mutual loyalty comes first. From production to strategic planning, from sales to dealer management, we first rely on teamwork and team spirit we create together. Open communication, empathy and sincerity are indispensable for relationships based on trust.


We are a part of the future. We work with our belief that we will make the world we live in more livable. We are determined to always pursue the truth and science with our dynamic and versatile perspective.


With our slogan of continuous development and progress, we are determined to carry the world we live in, to the future with our environmentalist stance worthy of our name and sustainable technologies.


We create rapid solutions and values by taking responsibility with our expertise and our human-oriented perspective.

Solution Oriented Approach