WET-Treat® Water Treatment Product Group

Within the direction of its perfect results by R&D studies, GREEN Chemicals has a background to offer solutions specific to customers. In the stage of producing these solutions, we do make delicate researches on all requirements such as customer’s process, water analysis, mass-heat transfer, high system performance etc.

The purpose of water treatment is;
  • To increase process performance so that the return on investment is earlier and investment is economic,
  • To decrease water, energy and chemical consumption by recycling water on systems,
  • To minimize negative environmental effects with environmentally-friendly products.
Due to its aim for high operating performance, GREEN Chemicals is eager to;
  • Minimize customer’s input cost,
  • Provide high quality on manufactured products,,
  • Contribute world economy by increasing system life, with its specific techniques, equipment and computer software.


  • Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Autoclave Treatment
  • Biocides
  • Swimming Pool Chemicals
  • Closed Circuit Systems
  • Boiler Systems / Boiler Water Chemicals
    • Neutralizing Amines
    • Film Forming Amines
    • Oxygen Scavengers
    • Anti-Corrosive Organic / Inorganic Inhibitors
  • System Cleaning Chemicals
  • Membrane Cleaning Products
    • Reverse Osmosis Antiscalants
    • Reverse Osmosis Biocides
  • Drinking / Utility Water Systems
    • Hygiene Products
    • Anti-Corrosion / Scale
  • Antifoam Products
  • Odour Preventing Products
  • Emulsion Breakers
  • Combustion Chamber Efficiency Increasing Chemicals / Neutralizing Amines
  • Floaters
  • Pumps
  • Resins
    • Water Demineralization Resins

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GEO-Treat® Geothermal Technologies Product Group

GREEN Chemicals product portfolio contains high performance products and services that can prevent the risk of potential deposits and corrosion in the processes and contribute to the smooth operation of the systems, as the geothermal fluid used in greenhouses, thermal wells, city heating and electricity production areas.


  • Geothermal Applications
    • Scale Inhibitors
    • Acid Inhibitors
    • H2S Scavenger
    • Corrosion Inhibitors
    • Silica Dispersants

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MET-Treat® Metal Surface Treatment Product Group

Generally, metal surface treatment is applied in order to develop appearance of metal surfaces, increase adhesion strength and resist corrosion. The aim is to process the surface, to shape and to amend the functions.

As GREEN Chemicals, we render service in Metal Surface Treatment, with our young, ambitious, dynamic team targeting sustainability in success as well as our experience of more than 30 years.


  • Lubricants
    • Metal deformation / forming products which are used for deep drawing, stamping, bending, cutting etc. applications,
    • Metal working / cutting fluids which are used in general machining (drilling, turning etc.) and grinding applications,
    • Rust preventive oils are used for corrosion protection on the metal surface
  • Surface Treatment Products
    • Degreasing Agents / Cleaners: Products to remove any kind of dirt, oil, residues and metal particles from metal surface.
    • Etching / Pickling Agent & Inhibitors: Pickling is the removal of oxide scales which are formed during metal working operations by mineral acids. These scales must be removed without undue acid attack on the base metal surface. Inhibitor is used to protect the cleaned metal surface, to reduce acid wastage, metal loss and prevent pitting of the metal.
  • Pretreatment Products
    • Phosphating Products: Products generate a uniform phosphate layer which provides an excellent adhesion for organic coatings, improves the corrosion resistance and provides sliding friction.
    • Conversion Coatings; Nano Technology Products: Products for pretreatment technology for multi metal applications. Thin conversion layers occur on steel, zinc, aluminum and on its alloys surface. These layers provide a corrosion resistance as well as very good adhesion properties for subsequent painting.
    • Passivation Agents: Depends on the process
      • Products which are used after phosphating application.
      • Products which are used for temporary passivation of steel and cast iron for subsequent storage in closed warehouses.
      • Products which are used for surface passivation of galvanized steel, provides good corrosion resistant and metal staining during storage and shipment.
    • Paint Coagulation Agents: Products which are suitable to use for all type of paint plant systems for solvent-based and water-borne paints.
    • Paint Stripper: Products which are used for paint removing from all type metal surfaces. (e.g powder based, polyester type etc.)

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OIL-Treat® Oil & Gas Technologies Product Group

GREEN Chemicals Oil & Gas Technologies department is formed by process and R&D engineers who have more than 30 years of field experience.

GREEN Chemicals offers its product portfolio and its constantly changing & improving technology to its valuable business partners consisting of crude oil producers, refineries and petrochemical plants. GREEN Chemicals meets the expectations of its customers by continuous improvement studies of processes.

GREEN Chemicals Oil & Gas Technologies Department provides solution to offshore – onshore crude oil drilling problems and process optimization where necessary, with its chemical products and innovative technologies. With our products, we aim to drill crude oil (oil field) and treat it so that impurities (organic metals, water, salt etc.) inside the crude oil (refinery) can be removed. The purified crude oil is sent to atmospheric distillation column for separation (CH4, C3H8,C4H10, jet oil, gasoline, fuel oil etc.) to different products via boiling point differences. To easily obtain a higher level of purification in products and in the processing of crude oil as well as light products, our system protective chemicals can be used in following processes. In this manner, production performance of refineries and petrochemical sector is augmented.

Oil & Gas treatment is the chemical, physical and biological processes applied to crude oil, gas, refining and petrochemical products in order to;
  • Prevent any problems,
  • Increase production efficiency,
  • Fulfill customer expectations,
  • Bring together a range of chemical specialties, process consulting, technology, equipment/monitoring systems to deliver an integrated solution to the customer.
  • It is both technical service and chemical supply.
Our goal is;
  • To provide process efficacy as well as long working hours of process,
  • To save energy and to decrease maintenance costs,
  • To provide chemicals and services to Oil & Gas exploration, production, transportation, storing, refining and after applications.
  • by using our treatment applications.

Our Products

GREEN Chemicals can offer all chemical products for Oil & Gas field refinery and petrochemical processes.

  • Demulsifier
    • Water based
    • Oil based
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
    • Neutralizing inhibitor, water based
    • Neutralizing inhibitor, oil based
    • Filming inhibitor, water based
    • Filming inhibitor, oil based
    • Neutralizing & Filming inhibitor
  • H2S Scavenger
    • Water based
    • Amin based
    • Oil based
    • Metal based
  • Antifouling Inhibitor
    • Dispersant & Antipolimerisant
    • Dispersant & Antioxidant
    • Dispersant & Antioxidant & Metal Chelant
    • Antioxidant, oil based
    • Antioxidant, water based
    • Antioxidant (military approved)
    • Antipolimerisant (caustic unit)
  • Scale Inhibitor
    • FPhosphate esters
    • Phosphonates & Phosphonic acid
    • Polycarboxylates
  • Biocide
    • THPS based
    • Glutaraldehyde based
    • Isothiazoline
    • Organic bromide
  • Acid Corrosion Inhibitor
    • High temperature application
    • Low temperature application
  • Antifoam
    • Oil based
    • Water based
    • Silicon based
  • Petrol / Gasoline / Diesel Additive Chemicals
    • PPD (Pour Point Depressant)
    • CFPP (Cold Flow Plugging Point Improvers for gasoil)
    • Lubricity Improver
    • Asphalting Inhibitor
    • Paraffin Inhibitor
    • Antistatic Agent
    • Static Passivator
    • Ni Passivator
  • Deoiler
  • Oxygen Scavenger
  • Iron Chelating Agent
  • Antioxidant
  • Amin Reclaiming Technology

For more information and MSDS & TDS, please contact us.

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Refineries distillation units thermal cracking units delayed coker units hydro cracking units steam cracking emulsion breakers emulsion breaker products water based emulsion breakers oil based emulsion products corrosion inhibitors corrosion inhibitor chemical products neutralizing amines h2s scavengers h2s scavenger products waterbased h2s scavengers amine based h2s scavengers oilbased h2s scavengers metal based h2s scavengers antifouling agents dispersants scale inhibitors scale inhibitor products antifoulants antifoulant products polycarboxylates phosphonates biocides biocide products acid corrosion inhibitors anti foamers defoamers water based antifoamers oil based antifoamers oxygen scavengers oxygen scavenger products additive chemicals Lubricity Improver asphalting Inhibitor paraffin Inhibitor Deoilers deoiler products Iron Chelating Agents

MINE-Treat® Mining Technologies Product Group

GREEN Chemicals product portfolio contains high-performance chemical products, especially for gold and silver producers, helping the production processes in all mines work smoothly and more efficiently. The MINE-Treat® product portfolio consists of specially formulated products such as dust-retaining products used in mines and stock areas, flotation chemicals, viscosity adjusters, high performance anti-scale antiscalants and dispersants. GREEN Chemicals is your solution partner for energy optimization and sustainable performance in mines, with the MINE-Treat® palette.


  • Dust Control
  • Grinding and Milling Additives
  • Flotation
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Slurry Control
  • Water & Waste Water Management

For more information and MSDS & TDS, please contact us.

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Mining mining chemicals mining products gold mines silver mines copper mines flotation leaching tank leach heapleach dust dust control dust control chemicals road dust control stock pile dust control dust control products scale inhibitors scale inhibiton products viscosity modifiers dispersants dispersant products flotation chemicals hydrometalurgy hydrometalurgy products antiscalants grinding and milling additives frothers defoamers surfactants extraction solvents slurry control drag reduction cleaning agents ADR antiscalants

WASTE-Treat® Waste Water Treatment Product Group

GREEN Chemicals, with its experienced technical staff and consultants, analyzes the waste water treatment areas and characteristics of waste water to select the most suitable product for the plant operation. In addition, with the supply of our chemical products, it helps the process to work more efficiently with the solutions that will also reduce the cost in the system and make it easier to operate. Our department has the necessary infrastructure to carry out R & D studies for a specific waste water characteristics and to provide optimum solution, in terms of cost reduction and productivity with the products produced in our own factory.


  • Waste Water Treatment
    • Coagulants
    • Decolorants
    • Anionic / Cationic Polyelectrolytes
    • Anionic / Cationic Emulstion Polyelectrolytes
    • Filter Performance Increasers
    • Emulsion Breakers
    • Odour Removals & Defoamers

For more information and MSDS & TDS, please contact us.

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Waste water waste water treatment waste water treatment chemicals waste water treatment chemical products flocculants coagulants dewatering chemical products sedimentation pretreatment decolorants deodorants defoamers antifoamers anionic polyelectrolytes cationic polyelectrolytes anionic emulsion polyelectrolytes cationic emulsion polyelectrolytes filter performance enhancers

WET-Treat® 3000 Series Pool Chemicals Product Group

You can have a lot of fun in summer hotels, sites or pools in your home garden. Regardless of your preference, maintenance is essential to have a good time in a pool. As long as regular maintenance is provided in the pools, you help the pool to function properly.

Ortak kullanılan yüzme havuzlarının yapıları, kullanım şekilleri özellikle dikkat edilmesi gereken bakım rutinleriyle önemlidir ve pek çok detayı içerir. Çünkü yüzme havuzlarındaki su, hastalık yapabilecek mikroorganizmaların hızla üreyebileceği, sıcaklık, besin ve ışık gibi uygun koşulları barındırır.

The structures, usage patterns of common swimming pools are important with care routines that require special attention and contain many details. Because the water in swimming pools contains suitable conditions such as temperature, nutrients and light, where microorganisms that can cause disease can reproduce rapidly.

Water, which is our source of life; When it is collected in a pool and the necessary conditioning and maintenance is not done, it seriously threatens human health and damages the equipment. To prevent these, safe chemical products and technical service support are required.

WET-Treat® 3000 Pool Product Palette

  • Disinfectants
  • pH Adjusters
  • Algae Growth Prevention and Killer
  • Precipitators
  • Continuous Cleaner and Floats
  • Filter Cleaners
  • Winter Care Supplies
  • Shine and Hardness Stabilizer
  • Anti Chlorine

For more information and MSDS & TDS, please contact us.

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GREEN ADH-Tech® Water Based Adhesives Product Group

As GREEN Chemicals, we aim to be your solution partner in adhesive products groups in the construction, wood, water based labeling, paper packaging, printing, box closures, toilet paper / paper towel industries. Water based and casein based adhesives, hot melt solutions are founded in our product portfolio.

With our R & D studies, we aim to provide fast solutions to our customers in adhesive sector. It is essential to supply our customers with the most economical form of high quality products we produce. We constantly renew our product group to inform our customers about the latest innovations and apply these innovations into their systems.


  • Water Based Adhesives
  • Casein Based Adhesives
  • Hot-Melts

For more information and MSDS & TDS, please contact us.

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WELL-Treat® Upstream Chemicals Product Group

WELL-Treat® series is intended for drilling, cementing and stimulating, after commissioning, geothermal wells


  • 1000 Series; WELL-Treat® 1000 series include viscosifiers, biocides, oils and corrosion inhibiting products which are added to mud during drilling of geothermal wells.
  • 2000 Series; Cement retarders, cement accelerators, viscosifiers, cement spacers etc. which are used during cementing operation are included in this series.
  • 3000 Series; Acid inhibitors, acid inhibitor intensifiers, friction reducers and similar products which are used during acidizing of production and re-injection wells are designed according to metal alloy, acid type and other chemical additives are included in this series.

For more information and MSDS & TDS, please contact us.

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TreatON® Industrial Water Treatment Automation Systems

Do your cooling water and water-steam cycle systems need a tighter control?
Do you want to increase the efficiency of your processes? Or decrease your chemical costs?

Now you can ensure sustainable working environments with energy savings whilst decreasing water, chemical consumption and maintenance costs.
Experience the full control over your systems against possible risks with TreatON®!

GREEN Chemicals presents the sustainable and innovative TreatON® Automation System

What is TreatON® ?

It is an automation system, combination of the “Know-How” of GREEN Chemicals in water treatment and the new generation information technologies. With TreatON®, it is now possible to monitor and intervene the water treatment systems over personal computers, tablets, laptops and even smart phones, 7/24.

TreatON® does not only allow the processes to be monitored, but also makes it possible for the authorized users to intervene and adjust when necessary with its remote accessibility. If requested, TreatON® also has the ability to send warnings to the pre-defined users when any of the monitored parameters fluctuate out of limits via e-mail or SMS.

TreatON® is able to send feedbacks to the dosage pumps in order to adjust the dosage and keep the parameters within the desired limits.


Apart from the conventional variables, TreatON® can monitor the dosage amounts of the inhibitors in the systems, with its trace element technology.

TreatON® Automation Systems Bring You;

  • The comfort of monitoring your systems continuously with the help of the technical service provided by GREEN Chemicals.
  • Prevention of the potential problems in the systems with proactive approach.
  • The opportunity to intervene when necessary with more effective and closer monitoring.
  • The chance to save energy, to decrease maintenance and water costs and to optimize the chemical consumption.
  • The capability of storing all the measured variable data safely from day one and reporting to the authorized personnel whenever it is needed.

For more information and MSDS & TDS, please contact us.

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ORGANIC-Treat® Custom Made Chemical Products Group

GREEN Chemicals provides service for water treatment, metal treatment, waste water treatment, geothermal, mining, oil & gas technologies, industrial systems, automation and adhesive areas.

GREEN Chemicals has a strong R&D unit supported by the universities and the international firms represented by the company as well as its local and foreign engineers trained at doctorate level. GREEN Chemicals has selected as Turkey’s 411th R&D Center. GREEN Chemicals is the 21st R&D center operating in the chemical industry, in particular.

With its ORGANIC-Treat® products, GREEN Chemicals is taking the duty of synthesis raw material and semi products (textile chemicals raw materials, asphaltene chemicals, crop care emulsifiers, plastics etc.) for chemical companies, which is a missing subject in Turkey chemical sector. In this manner, GREEN Chemicals will be also a strong player in world market.

With ORGANIC-Treat® production, GREEN Chemicals succeeded in locally producing chemicals instead of importing. This way, GREEN Chemicals contributes to our country as providing local production.

ORGANIC-Treat® products are used for various sectors for different uses. Emulsifier, corrosion inhibitors, polyethylene emulsions, H2S scavengers, retarder, biocide, ecological carrier, plastifyants, agents etc.

With ORGANIC-Treat® products, different organic synthesis reactions are realized with esters, imid, amid, quaternised reactions, triazyn and polymer etc. and highly added valued, special designed products are produced.

For more information and MSDS & TDS, please contact us.

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